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Swag Poetry

Bullshit humanbeings

Knowing who is real and who is not

Knowing who is great and who is not

I just think there are more assholes that don’t care  

Then there are saints that care

Therefore I have a quick reaction bullshit

Poem made 25/06-2012 by Jonathan Bager


Life is not how you believe everything will be okay

It’s about how you doubt that it won’t 

Poem made 25/06-2012 by Jonathan Bager

Did you do well?

If this was your last day on earth

Could you then look back and say you did well?

If you can’t. Don’t you think it’s about time to do well?

Poem made 13/05-2012 by Jonathan Bager

Wine makes us better

Doctor’s say “Drink 8 glasses of water every day
But girls still think they are fat.
I say “Drink 8 glasses of wine every day and you don’t think about it

Poem made 10/05-2012 by Jonathan Bager

Catch the smoke

One moment can change everything

But only if you catch the moment 

Then everything can start to change

The only problem - catching the moment is like catching the smoke 

Poem made 06/05-2012 by Jonathan Bager


It’s not how you live your life

It’s how you make it an adventure 

Poem made 17/04-2012 by Jonathan Bager

Don’t stop trying

When we stop doing something

we stop trying.

When we stop trying

We are giving up.

Don’t stop trying
Don’t give up 

Poem made 12/04-2012 by Jonathan Bager

Young Broke & Talented

When people reminds you of your growing responsibility
Yet still treats you as a child
Stop it.
We are young.
We are broke.
& talented.
We are the future. 

Poem made 16/01-2012 by Jonathan Bager


Live life

Life isn’t about finding the meaning of life

Life is about living

Life isn’t about finding yourself

Life is about creating yourself

Poem made 19/12-2011 by Jonathan Bager